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You now have the opportunity to revisit or renditions of some of our expenditure programs in video or MP3 audio format. You can play them on the page or download them.


TIME FOR CHANGE – Climate change calls for change in mindset and lifestyle. Lecture by Sis. Jayanti, who will share his spiritual perspective on the innovation that has the greatest beneficial effect on both our own individual minds and in our environment. Sis. Jayanti has been invited to the climate summit as one of 20 spiritual leaders from around the world. Sister Jayanti is European head of Brahma Kumaris World Spiritual University and its representative to the UN, Geneva. On 14 December The 2009th.   Reports

Link to video


MIND & MATTER: Confluence of Two Living Systems. A Conversation with Sister Jayanti, meditation exercises for over 40 years and expert in spiritual soul living system and how it is connected with matter, and Joachim Golo Pilz, contractor in solar and alternative energies.What laws apply to the energy of matter and energy of the soul?Climate Summit KlimaForum09, 15 December The 2009th 

Link to video


Lecture: Online player AUDIO  

Inspiration from the inside by Anthony Phelips from May 2009


Workshop: Online player AUDIO 

Unwind with meditation by Michael Timmins of May 2009


Lecture: Online player AUDIO 

Flying free by Manda Patel from June 2002


7 Myths of Love by Mike George from April 2008

Online Player SOUND    
Link to video



Oh My God by Anthony Strano from December 2005

Link to video






       Meditation Comment by Positive Thoughts CD. Online Player SOUND  or download mp3

Meditation Comment from Om Shanti CD. Online Player SOUND   download mp3

Meditation Comment by angelic meditations CD. Online Player SOUND    download mp3

Meditation Comment from Raja Yoga CD. Online Player SOUND   download mp3

Meditation Commentary with Viggo Simonsen. Online Player SOUND    download mp3


Visual Meditation: meditation with music and lyrics in English Duration 30 mins




Visual meditation exercise: Danish text and music 11 min.








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