Finish the accounts of impurity and become pure and also make others pure

Mamma’s class:

Baba’s orders are: Finish the accounts of impurity and become pure and also make others pure.

Om shanti

Bhagats say thanks to God, but there is no question of saying thanks to Him. We have now truly found God, our Father, and we have become His children. So we have to try claim our inheritance. E have to follow at every step the directions that we have received from Him in the same way as obedient children follow their parents’ directions. Which directions? To remain pure and make others pure. We know about purity and to what extent we have to become pure. Impurity has taken us to the very depths and due to this even our karmic accounts are full of impurity. We now have to cut away the account of impurity. We have to remove the five vices which have penetrated our actions. We do not just have to renounce the vices, but also clear the account that have been created though them. The vices have made you belong to them totally. It has become the kingdom of the ices, and now that has to be changed. Simply to observe celibacy is not a big thing, but you also have to finish the accounts that have been created through the vices. The sannyasis may have renounced everything and run away, but the account of the vices does not leave them. Though they receive the return of whatever they do in their next birth, they go and take birth and again go away to stay in the company of sannyasis. They do not break their relationships, They still take birth to those who indulge in vice.

However, we now know the deep philosophy of karma. We have to perform a double task. We have to create an account for the future so that nothing of the past remains. On the one hand we have to create an account and we also have to clear the past account. This is why our reward is elevated. This is why this effort takes time. We have found the All-Powerful Father who makes everything easy. Baba says: Stay in My remembrance. You receive power through remembrance and also through purity. Then, you also have to donate whatever you receive. So you also receive power through giving donation. You have to accumulate power in this way. We thank Him by bringing all these things into practice. But there is no question of singing His praise. His praise is based on His activity. He has played such an elevated part. Even whilst carry out His activities, the Father is the Father. But it does not mean that if we carry out the same task, we are also the father. No. We become elevated through our actions. All other human beings are confused about this. They have mixed up His virtues and His activity. It isn’t that He becomes degraded and then puts Himself right. We become degraded and then we reform ourselves. He is always righteous. What would be spoilt about Him? You must not become confused about these things.

When obstacles of Maya come, these are your past accounts. You must either settle them or cut them away with the power of easy knowledge. This is what we are making effort for. Whilst we have this body, it means we have karmic accounts. Then this body will not remain. We know the philosophy of karma in great depth: which karma becomes neutral and which karma becomes sinful. In this respect, we are Brahmins who are becoming deities. The other aspect is that of our past accounts. Brahmins have importance because of their karma, and so by performing such karma and by imbibing this knowledge, your effort will be very good. You also have to remember that He is Dharamraj and has our karmic accounts. To inspire us to perform good karma and create our reward is His task. He is the One who gives a good reward for good karma; whether it is a temporary period of time or for all time, he is the One who gives. He is now present in living form. Now we can reduce the past accounts and increase our future accounts.

Something can be done at this time. But in relationship with the Father, you have to be worthy and fulfil your duty. We now perform karma through our thoughts, words and actions and we what will happen through these actions. Baba has explained about karmic accounts in great detail. What are the five vices? The first vice is that of body-consciousness. That is chief of all the enemies. This is why Baba says: By being soul-conscious, the other enemies will not come. Those who are soul-conscious do not have any vices. You then have the consciousness that you are His children so the vice do not come to you. You then have pure pride. Human beings simply say: As their actions, so the reward. But they do not do anything. When something happens to the body, we know that that is due to body-consciousness.

It is in our intellect that this is the drama. Though people insult God, it is their part in the drama to insult Him. We then have to make effort to bring them onto the right path. When calamities occur, we know that they have to happen. If you start crying out in distress and sorrow at that time, you will create sinful action. This is why we constantly remain happy and cheerful. You have to imbibe such things in your intellect. This is the knowledge of the philosophy of karma. By taking up one aspect, all other aspects are also included in that. If there is attachment to any individual, that is also a karmic account of the past. We now have to understand the philosophy of karma taught by the father and remain cautions. Achcha

Mamma’s class – 25th September, 1962

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