My duty is to accept everyone


Before we can go into the incorporeal stage, we need to create a space of silence and subtlety inside. Until we claim the incorporeal stage we cannot become viceless. Until we become viceless, ego will emerge again and again. In order to move towards the incorporeal stage I need to remember that my home is the home of peace and my original religion is peace. Before we can go back to the incorporeal world we need to develop the habit of stepping away from the ‘talkie world’. I need to now give time to practice moving into that subtle movie world. When we give time to this then we generate that ‘movie’ world right here. There are many benefits of emerging that movie world. When you emerge the movie world then you will know what to speak to others. You won’t need to prepare to give a speech. Everything will automatically come to you. When I have a deep and profound experience that my religion is peace then Baba, the Ocean of Peace, can pull the soul into deep peace. Then the quality of your speech and your actions will be very beautiful and others will automatically be touched by them. However, one needs to have this practice over a long period of time. We have the knowledge of the subtle regions only now. We will go back to the soul world via the subtle region. We need to have the inner rehearsal of this now. It should be as if I am far removed from this world…there should be so much purity in my personality that not even a trace of impurity can touch me. 


When people see Dadi Gulzar they automatically remember Baba. Dadi Gulzar remains in the awareness of being the chariot of BapDada so when souls see her they automatically get this vibration and they can easily remember Baba. So, what do I have to do so that others also remember Baba on seeing me? If I keep the teachings Baba has given me in an emerged form then when others see me only He will be visible in my form. This is Dadi’s experience for the last two years. In fact, service is just for the purpose of revealing who I belong to. Who has given me the life I have? My life should be such that it gives light and life to others. When I remain in this stage, others have easy yoga and they become co-operative. If there is even a little resistance or lack of co-operation between us on the service field it means that Godly love is lacking. I need to take love from Baba and then have that in stock to share. Love is essential. 


To have expectation is a type of force. To have expectation is a type of judgement whereby I feel that someone should do something in a different way to the way they are doing it. They should do it in the way I think is correct. As a result of this type of expectation of them, my intellect veers towards correction and comparison. When I compare and correct others, even on a mental level, my own intellect becomes ‘externalised’. What is my inner state when I compare and correct?  What is my inner state when I dismiss someone’s actions with an attitude of ‘well, let them get on with what they are doing. I know what I have to do’?  I need to maintain my spirituality internally and for that I need mercy, feelings of gentleness and understanding. Only when I have these feelings inside can I remain comfortable internally and in true intoxication. In fact, in order to get on with others, in order to be able to live with them harmoniously, I have to leave all expectation. My duty is to accept everyone. If you expect anything from anyone then there is a margin for rejection to emerge. You could reject them at some point. This is a subtle point. If there is expectation then you cannot be an easy yogi. Neither can you give co-operation to everyone. When you accept, are easy, light and co-operative then others will love to work with you. Such a soul will experience success at every step. Service is not just a matter of attending a programme and giving a speech. The ones who are arranging the programmes also need good company and sustenance. This is why we need to place a great deal of value on time. By staying in deep peace you will find that somehow time co-operates with you and you will get the opportunity to do all the service that needs to be done. A gap will open up that wasn’t there before and you will get the time. So instead of having expectation just keep the attitude that whatever anyone has done is really good. This is important because expectation spoils relationships. Make sure that you maintain love for your service companions because respect is generated as a result of that love. Appreciation is such a beautiful quality. It is extremely valuable. It is because all of us have been appreciated by Baba that we have been able to move forward. If a child did even the smallest task Baba would tell that one that he had done really well. If Baba wanted to give a correction or suggest improvement he would say, “You can do this and you can do this as well”! This is the method of using love to make someone complete. It is Baba’s love that has given us the interest to become complete. If you become very engrossed in service it is easy to lose the aim of becoming complete. It is easy to let the attention slip away from this aim.  However, now is the time, the only time, to become complete and only I can do the work of making myself complete. In order to become complete I need to draw love from Baba and I need to keep an incognito bhavna inside myself to help others become complete with the power of love. Keep your hopes in others alive. Someone may have a  particular sanskara that they haven’t been able to change. My task is to keep hope in them. For this I need to have a merciful heart. It’s not their fault – no-one is to blame. When I keep hope in others I can help save them from their own disheartenment. Even if one person keeps hope in someone who is disheartened, this can save them from sinking.This is to have true good wishes.  I need to create and maintain a space of pure good wishes inside me.

To maintain your health you need to also have good wishes for your own body. Never allow your mind to think that you are tired or sick. Yes, if the body is not well then take  rest but don’t keep thinking about what is wrong because the mind plays a very important role in healing the body.  If thoughts of sickness enter your mind or show on your face then the sickness will not leave you easily because once it infiltrates your mind then that’s it. Tiredness does not actually come to us because of service. Tiredness comes due to the influence of my own nature and sanskaras and sometimes because I am influenced by the nature and sanskaras of those I interact with in seva. When I am affected by these then the quality of my thinking dives. I am not able to remember the hopes Baba has in me. 


Here we are all Raja Yogis. We are all studying Raja Yoga together. We have all received a great deal from Baba and we now need to have the concern to share that with others. In this aspect generosity is essential. It is time to become complete by using the method of Godly love. It is time to move into the subtle angelic stage. 

Om Shanti

by Dadi Janki  05.10.2011 – Gyan Sarovar