Become free from laziness and carelessness

If whilst moving along, you experience tiredness in your effort, or if your effort becomes very ordinary, then this is not just an obstacle,but it also means that your love for effort is not that deep. This would be called a form of laziness. Not to experience any enthusiasmin your life is also a form of laziness. Therefore, now become free from laziness. It is laziness that becomes an obstacle to your effortsas you move along. To say, “I’ll think about it, I’ll do it some timesoon”, is also a form of laziness. To have thoughts such as, “I thinkI’ll finish this tomorrow”, or, “I’ll first finish this and then do that”, is also a form of laziness. Do whatever you have to do now.  Don’t put it off till tomorrow.

Laziness comes with all its powerful companions, not by itself. Just as Baba is revealed with His children, so too, this vice doesn’t come by itself, but also brings its companions with it. Then, you disobey many orders and constantly start asking for something or another foryourself. Then, you are neither able to stay content yourself nor areyou able to satisfy others. Baba, your Father, has enabled all of us children to move forward even whilst seeing our carelessness and mischief. Now, in the form of the Satguru, His part is to make all ofus, in way or another, pure and take us back home with Him.

The Satguru is the One who inspires us to make our thoughts, words and deeds filled with truth. Whether we do this through knowledge and effort, or through being punished is up to us. The Satguru is not going to accept our mischief or carelessness. Therefore, we must now really recognise the time and the real final form of the Father. We must make sure that we don’t deceive ourselves by not recognising this final form of the Father. We must now stop any childish carelessness.

At present, even the slightest illness of any vice will take on a big form. When any type of illness enters you, that illness can bring onmany other illnesses. By remaining careless about one illness and consider it to be something insignificant, you will become deceived.Therefore, consider even the slightest illness to be something verybig and finish it there and then. This will not only stop the soul from becoming weak, but will also keep it healthy. An infant child might be very mischievous, and because he has no responsibilities, he can use his time, energy and money on himself. When he grows up and becomes a father, he spends all his energy and time on his children.

So, now that your childhood has finished, you are all master creators and world mothers. You are images of upliftment and support for theworld. Therefore, you should not be careless in the slightest way.Now, use your power of pure thought and make Maya wilt in a secondlike a “touch-me-not” plant.

The time for taking too much time in your efforts has now passed. You must now use your time to inspire others to make effort, because, together with Baba, the Law-maker, you elevated souls are lawmakers. Whatever elevated acts you Brahmins perform at this time, they become laws for the world through the whole cycle. So, now, perform every act whilst in the consciousness of being a law-maker. In this way, you will never become careless. To think that you will only become victorious, free from obstacles and a destroyer of obstacles at the end is really a form of carelessness; it is Maya in her royal form and creates obstacles for you in your effort for becoming perfect.

This carelessness stops you from becoming an embodiment of success and an image equal to Baba. Therefore, free yourself from these thoughts and make your stage that of a destroyer of obstacles.

Many children leave here having celebrated the final ceremony of sacrificing their old sanskars. However, those sanskars emerge again. The reason for this is carelessness. Just as when you have sown seeds, you need to look after the plants carefully, so here too, after creating a thought, you also have to sustain it. However, instead of that, you sow a seed and then become careless. Revise the seed of that thought again and again. Instead of having sanskars of simply wanting to rest all the time, have thoughts of concern. You should be concerned about each and every sanskar of yours.

Always be aware that even a tiny flaw will decrease your value. You should be so concerned that it takes the form of a worry; only then will you be able to put an end to your carelessness.

When you see that something has taken a lot of effort, and that the attainment was very little, you feel hopeless and become careless, and say, “I do a lot, but don’t experience any attainment from it. What can I do if that is my part?” These words of hopelessness and carelessness don’t bear any fruit. You say that the confluence age is the age of making the impossible possible.

Therefore, whatever you experience to be impossible or difficult within yourself, you should make that possible within a second. This is known as determination.

Carelessness arises when your intellect doesn’t have the faith that the end of time is now very close. Just as you fix a time in your intellect for service plans, and that stops you from being careless and lazy, now fix the end of time in your intellect and stop your carelessness and laziness for all time.

Many children believe that they know themselves to be very well and fine, and it is just that others don’t know them or recognise them. They believe that one day they will be recognised. Or, they say, “Just wait and see what’s going to happen in the future.” However, this is a sweet slumber of carelessness and it deceives a soul who should be becoming an embodiment of knowledge and remembrance. Just as you can feel signs of sleepiness before going to bed such as yawning, so too, the sign of the slumber of ignorance is unhappiness. To experience unhappiness means to invite laziness and carelessness.

Therefore, examine yourself very carefully and change.

* * * Om Shanti * * *


Manohar Indra Ji

17th Nov. 2008 she left her mortal coil.