5 głównych wartości

5 głównych wartości

Murli crossword – 27.09.2013

  Krzyżówka dotycząca murli z dnia 27.09.2013 po polsku – online answer key: omshanti   krzyżówka murli z dnia 27.09.2013 po polsku – plik pdf rozwiązania murli 27.09.2013 – plik pdf     crossword murli 27.09.2013 in english – online crossword murli 27.09.2013 in english – pdf file  

26-09-2013 murli po polsku – Crossword Labs

26-09-2013 murli po polsku – Crossword Labs.

26-09-2013 murli, english – Crossword Labs

26-09-2013 murli, english – Crossword Labs.

Sixteen Qualifications for Becoming Part of the Rosary of Victory

1. Such souls would be constantly faithful to BapDada and the divine family from the beginning till the end. 2. They would be heirs who place their steps in Baba’s footsteps, that is, they would constantly be cooperative companions. 3. They would constantly remain engaged in Baba’s service. 4. They would not allow the foot ...

Didi & Dadi

Didi &  Dadi
Dadi & Didi see/listen more about/from seniors

From waste into best

From waste into best
more: A life of time is a lifetime

BK Jagdish – articles/class

BK Jagdish - articles/class
links to articles: What is life (pdf file) Physical ailments and the grace of ShivBaba (pdf file)     listen to BK Jagdish’s churning on  E n t h u s i a s m   click on link above     Eternal Drama of Soul, Matter and God                 ...

Dadi Gulzar, ORC, 5th May 2013

Who is in each one’s heart? My Baba, sweet Baba, lovely Baba. It is the wonder of Brahmins that Baba is in everyone’s heart. We now know what is in Baba’s heart and are following that. Baba is happy to see us do this. Delhi is Baba’s heart hence it will be the capital in ...