Maintaining Purity and Innocence

Become a great elevated soul at the confluence age

Dadi Chandramani Ji Your bones become strong through service and you experience real happiness. It’s called service when parents look after their children, is that service? What is life for? We are members of a family and as the family grows we have to sustain it. Make effort with attention. Are you standing still or ...

The 8 Powers of Leadership

To be a leader today means something entirely different from what it used to mean even ten years ago. Leadership can, and does, happen at any level of an organisation. Anyone who can see clearly what needs to be done, has the stamina to keep going, can muster resources, think innovatively, and perhaps most importantly, ...

Difference between Supreme Soul Shiva and Tapaswi Shankar


God Shiva

Empowering Thoughts


one thought for today


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