Are you reacting or responding?

Each day brings new situations. The way we respond to those situations creates our attitudes, habits and our personality. Rather than react, give yourself a moment to understand the situation and develop a considered response. take one thought

kim jestem

Oto doświadczenie jakiego doznał pewien człowiek, który postanowił podzielić się nim z innymi. Wydarzyło się to parę minut po północy 1 listopada 2010 roku w Dzień Zmarłych. Ten dzień symbolizuje – śmierć , ale mi dał świadomość Życia. Teraz chce się z Wami tym podzielić. Tej nocy straciłem przytomność. Poczułem jak moje ciało nagle się ...


Mansa Seva

Are you going with me?

Pat Metheny group & Anna Maria Jopek instrumental North Sea Jazz Festival in 2003 together with the Metropool Orchestra

Dealing with jealousy and jealous people – Sr. Shivani (English)

Soul Connection How to dealing with jealousy and people who are jealous of you

Karm karo Aise

Am I becoming an angel like Brahma Baba?

When moving around and greeting one another we say, “Om Shanti”. We not only say “Om Shanti” but we need to remain stabilised in that stage. When challenging scenes come in front of us we think, “Om shanti” and everything becomes good. Baba has already become an angel. If I want to go back with ...

Points of Self Respect

The numbers generated by this widget come from RANDOM.ORG’s true random number generator. 235 POINTS OF SELF RESPECT 1. You are a lucky star who always remains ever-present, face to face with Baba. 2. You are now ever-ready to become karmateet, like Brahma Baba. 3. You are yogi as well as worthy, and this is ...

Being a Lighthouse & a Mighthouse

Have the land of peace in one eye, and the land of happiness in the other eye. This page requires Adobe Flash Player link