Dignity – Sister Jayanti

Dignity - Sister Jayanti
Self-Respect   –  Sister Jayanti class    26.02.1994 click on link above to listen        

All Attainments

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Cuttak Group Dance 1

– Sanman Samaroh 12/7/2012

Gladiator 1

trailer with bass

Reveal God through the Power of Spirituality

Dadi Prakashmani Ji When a very bright light suddenly comes in front of you whilst you are in the dark, your eyes open wide in amazement. In the same way, create unique splendour with the power of spirituality. Just as the clouds are dispersed everywhere, in the same way, you children should be revealed as ...

Didi & Dadi

Didi &  Dadi
Dadi & Didi see/listen more about/from seniors

BK Jagdish – articles/class

BK Jagdish - articles/class
links to articles: What is life (pdf file) Physical ailments and the grace of ShivBaba (pdf file)     listen to BK Jagdish’s churning on  E n t h u s i a s m   click on link above     Eternal Drama of Soul, Matter and God                 ...

The Guiding Angel

Brahma Baba’s life and acts have left, in the minds of those who came in touch with him, very happy and charishable memories of the visit of an angel that he was, for his acts, one and all, were inspired by the highly noble intent of blessing the poor, the lowly, the fallen, the suffering, ...


What harm do waste thoughts cause us while making efforts? Waste thoughts prevent us from linking our intellect with the Father; even against our conscious wish, the intellect becomes attached to something or another. What is wasting? If someone continuously repeats the things of the past, that is called wasteful. Why do we have waste ...