Become a great elevated soul at the confluence age

Dadi Chandramani Ji Your bones become strong through service and you experience real happiness. It’s called service when parents look after their children, is that service? What is life for? We are members of a family and as the family grows we have to sustain it. Make effort with attention. Are you standing still or ...

The 8 Powers of Leadership

To be a leader today means something entirely different from what it used to mean even ten years ago. Leadership can, and does, happen at any level of an organisation. Anyone who can see clearly what needs to be done, has the stamina to keep going, can muster resources, think innovatively, and perhaps most importantly, ...

Difference between Supreme Soul Shiva and Tapaswi Shankar


Points of Self Respect

The numbers generated by this widget come from RANDOM.ORG’s true random number generator. 235 POINTS OF SELF RESPECT 1. You are a lucky star who always remains ever-present, face to face with Baba. 2. You are now ever-ready to become karmateet, like Brahma Baba. 3. You are yogi as well as worthy, and this is ...

Being a Lighthouse & a Mighthouse

Have the land of peace in one eye, and the land of happiness in the other eye. This page requires Adobe Flash Player link

What is divine intellect?

What is divine intellect?
Divine intellect means the recognition of time.  (…) If I recognise the time then I can listen to the ‘call of time’. If  I am not able to listen to the call of time it means I am not using my divine intellect. If I am wasting my time, breath and thoughts or even material things that means I have not ...

Pavitra Man Rakhho

Tree of thoughts

Tree of thoughts
    related: Tree of virtues and Tree of vices >> an old scripture


Dadi Janki, head of the Brahma Kumaris World Spiritual University, shares her spiritual insights on the theme of Determination.