Yagya old pictures

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Letter on the Kitchen Table

–by (Jul 16, 2012) Listen to audio (click on ) Audio Reading by Liz Helgesen Dear Ego, I’m breaking up with you. No more circular discussions, no more eleventh hour recriminations. We’re through. This is not an emotional decision. Actually, it doesn’t feel like a decision at all. We’ve been drifting apart for some time ...

Question & Answer on Golden Age – Dadi Gulzar with Jayanti Bhen

Q. How is a deity in relationship with their body? Do they feel the body is an instrument or a gift? We are to become the masters of matter. Our special work at this time is to purify matter. Firstly, in the Golden Age, matter will be satoguni. Due to this there will be no ...



Dil Se Kaho Mera Baba Agaya


The Flute Player

The Flute has often symbolised knowledge and its Player is the Divine Musician, God. In Raja Yoga meditation a very interesting perspective is that God is understood to be an eternally non-physical being, a point of immortal energy. At the end of each cycle of Time,that is, at the end of every Play, the Divine ...

Individual And Collective

Derived from the CD : „8 Principles of Spiritual Well-being” by Anthony Strano, publ. Sterling Ethos Included in the book „Slaying the three dragons : Doubt, worry and fear” Using simple yet beautifully evocative language, Anthony Strano presents his original approach, based on the time-tested principles of Raja Yoga meditation. His book and the enclosed ...

Lights Of The World – animation

swf animation – pure-feelings