Dignity – Sister Jayanti

Dignity - Sister Jayanti
Self-Respect   –  Sister Jayanti class    26.02.1994 click on link above to listen        

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Stay Calm and Carry On – Silent Movie

Stay Calm and Carry On - Silent Movie

BK Jagdish – articles/class

BK Jagdish - articles/class
links to articles: What is life (pdf file) Physical ailments and the grace of ShivBaba (pdf file)     listen to BK Jagdish’s churning on  E n t h u s i a s m   click on link above     Eternal Drama of Soul, Matter and God                 ...

Am I becoming an angel like Brahma Baba?

When moving around and greeting one another we say, “Om Shanti”. We not only say “Om Shanti” but we need to remain stabilised in that stage. When challenging scenes come in front of us we think, “Om shanti” and everything becomes good. Baba has already become an angel. If I want to go back with ...

What is divine intellect?

What is divine intellect?
Divine intellect means the recognition of time.  (…) If I recognise the time then I can listen to the ‘call of time’. If  I am not able to listen to the call of time it means I am not using my divine intellect. If I am wasting my time, breath and thoughts or even material things that means I have not ...


Dadi Janki, head of the Brahma Kumaris World Spiritual University, shares her spiritual insights on the theme of Determination.

Self-Respect Affirmations

  1)    I have self-respect and I can stabilise myself in self-respect. 2)    I have self-respect and I can look at others with eternal feelings. 3)    I have self-respect and I so I have constant good wishes for everyone. 4)    I have self respect constantly, easily and naturally. 5)    I have self-respect which remains because ...


Become free from laziness and carelessness If whilst moving along, you experience tiredness in your effort, or if your effort becomes very ordinary, then this is not just an obstacle,but it also means that your love for effort is not that deep. This would be called a form of laziness. Not to experience any enthusiasmin ...