Nirwair Bhai: Use your treasures well

Nirwair Bhai: Use your treasures well
The zeal, enthusiasm and interest you show in running to meet BapDada, is, in itself, a sign of faith. A lack of enthusiasm and interest in this Godly life is the result of a lack of faith. Where there is faith there is victory. You are the ones who are the jewels of victory. This ...

Self-Respect Affirmations

  1)    I have self-respect and I can stabilise myself in self-respect. 2)    I have self-respect and I can look at others with eternal feelings. 3)    I have self-respect and I so I have constant good wishes for everyone. 4)    I have self respect constantly, easily and naturally. 5)    I have self-respect which remains because ...

Bhagwan Tumhara Gyan…


to listen iBy only It’s now or never ……… Tomorrow will be too late ………. related:  Elvis Presley LIFE Southern Nights. 1975, Spring Tours


Become free from laziness and carelessness If whilst moving along, you experience tiredness in your effort, or if your effort becomes very ordinary, then this is not just an obstacle,but it also means that your love for effort is not that deep. This would be called a form of laziness. Not to experience any enthusiasmin ...


ILUSTRAÇÕES: Sigrun Olsen. TEXTO base escrito por Marianne Williamson, que foi usado no discurso de posse de Nelson Mandela para presidente da África do Sul. NARRAÇÃO: Michael Timothy. Source

Become The Light You Are

Bela Hai Jagran Ki


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