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Sun, 11 Nov 2012

In order to experience the angelic stage, consider yourself to be a soul that has incarnated as you perform every action. With the matchstick of determination, burn the Ravan of weaknesses

Do you consider yourselves to be angels who are sitting in a gathering of angels? An angel means one who has all relationships, all connections with the One. An angel is one who has all relations with the One and who is constantly stable in a constant stage. Every thought, every second and every word spoken is with love for the One and for the service of the One. While walking, moving, seeing, speaking and performing actions, such souls would be beyond any corporeal feelings. They would be avyakt, that is, the feet of their intellects would be beyond the awareness of the ground, that is, the body; they would remain up above. The Father, for the sake of Godly service, for the service of taking the children back with Him and for the sake of giving true devotees the fruit of their devotion over a long period of time, while detached and incorporeal, takes support and incarnates for a temporary period. In the same way, to be an angel means to be loving and detached. Do you consider yourself to be a soul who has incarnated in the same way as the Father? That is, you have received that physical Brahmin life for the sake of doing Godly service. The founders of religions come to play their parts of establishing their religions. You are known as an incarnation of shakti (power). „At this moment, I am an incarnation, a founder of a religion.” You Brahmin souls, that is, you souls who have incarnated, do not have any task other than the task of establishing a religion. Those who constantly have this awareness and are constantly engaged in this task are called angels. Angels are double light. One kind of light is to be a constant form of light. The second kind of light is to be detached from the burden of any type of karmic accounts of the past, that is, to remain light. Do you consider yourselves to be forms of double light in this way? You do not use that Brahmin birth for anything other than Godly service. You do not use it without shrimat, or on the dictates of others or of your own mind, do you? That Brahmin life is an invaluable treasure which you have received from the Father for the sake of Godly service. You are not dishonest in looking after these invaluable treasures which have been entrusted to you, do you? You cannot use even one breath of that Brahmin life, even in your thoughts, for any other task. This is why, on the path of devotion, there is the memorial of remembering God in every breath. Are you constantly angels or angels for a temporary period? On the path of devotion, they have the discipline that something that has been donated cannot be used for any other purpose. So, what was the first promise that all of you made to BapDada in your Brahmin life? Do you remember that or have you forgotten it? The first promise you made to the Father was that you would surrender your body, mind and wealth, everything, to the Father. Since you have surrendered everything, it means you have surrendered your thoughts, breath, words, relations, all people, material possessions, sanskars, nature, attitude, vision and awareness. This is called surrender. You use an even more powerful word than surrender, that is, you call yourselves complete renunciates. Are all of you complete renunciates or just renunciates? To be a complete renunciate means that whatever you have renounced, whether it is relations, connections, intentions, nature or sanskars, you have renounced them together with their progeny and all trace of the karmic accounts of the last 63 births. This is why it is called complete renunciation. Such a complete renunciate whose past account, along with its progeny, has finished would never even have the thought that their past nature and sanskars are like that. Do the karmic accounts of the past pull you even now? Does the burden of any karmic bondage, the burden of any relationship of karma, the burden of the support of any person or any material possession attract you to itself? These are not the thoughts or words of one who is a complete renunciate. One who is a complete renunciate would be free from all bondages and all burdens and would be a multimillion times fortunate soul who creates his fortune in every thought. Such souls automatically earn an income of multimillions at every step. You are such complete renunciates, are you not? You are stable in the meaning of the words, are you not? You are not those who just speak these words, but those who do that and who inspire others to become this too, are you not? You do not find it difficult, do you? There shouldn’t even be any question of you finding anything difficult, because this is the dharma (religion) and karma (action) of Brahmin life. Whatever one’s original actions, one does not find practising that to be difficult. You only find it difficult when you do not consider yourself to be an incarnated soul, that is, a soul who is the incarnation of shakti. Always remember: I am an incarnation. I am a religious soul who is establishing a religion. Religion means that every thought of yours is automatically for the sake of your religion. Do you understand? Such a soul is called an angel.

Now, you should never speak words such as: What can I do? How can I do it? It doesn’t happen like it should. I don’t know how to do it. It happens even though I don’t want it to happen. Who speaks these words? Is it an angel who speaks these words or someone who is a complete renunciate? If you are a master almighty authority, how can these be your words? Compare the two aspects. Can a master almighty authority speak such words? Can a soul who liberates many others from their bondages speak such words? Are these the words of a soul who is free from bondage? Are all of you souls free from bondage? Today, finish such words and thoughts for all time. With the matchstick of determination, burn the Ravan of these weaknesses, that is, celebrate the true Dashera. Become victorious over the ten aspects – any trace of the five vices and any type of attraction of the five elements – that is, celebrate the day of victory. Achcha.

From today, none of you should go to Didi or Dadi with these types of problem. You may have a spiritual meeting with them, but not in order to talk about these things. You may go to them to take something from them, but do not go with such complaints. Achcha.



11/11/12 Avyakt BapDada 07/10/75

Only one who has all rights and unlimited disinterest is a Raj Rishi.

Which gathering is BapDada seeing today? This is a gathering of Raj Rishis. Do you move along while constantly considering yourself to be a Raj Rishi? On one side, to have a kingdom and on the other side, to be a Rishi. The qualifications needed for each are distinct from one another. One is fortune and the other is renunciation. One is to have all rights and the other is to be a Rishi, which means to have unlimited disinterest: to have all rights and to have unlimited disinterest. One is to be loved by all and the other is to be totally detached. Both qualifications are constantly and simultaneously visible in the words and deeds. To have self-sovereignty at present means to be able to rule your physical senses. This is known as self-sovereignty, and the other is a double kingdom of the future, that is, to be able to rule the self and the world. Do you have a right to the double kingdom? Do you constantly have the intoxication of a double kingdom? To the extent that you have intoxication of the kingdom, so there should also be unlimited disinterest. That is, does the form of a Rishi remain constantly in your awareness? Do you have a balance of both forms? Or, do you constantly remember one form and forget the other? Have you developed unlimited disinterest in that old body and bodily world? Or, does that old body and world still pull you to itself? Do you experience it to be a graveyard? Do you actually see souls in front of you being unconscious or is it just for the sake of saying it? Unless you experience everyone to be already dead, that is, unless you experience this world to be a graveyard, you cannot become one who has unlimited disinterest. In today’s world, those who have limited disinterest go to the forests or the graveyard. This is why the temporary disinterest experienced at a graveyard is remembered. So, unless you experience this world to be a graveyard, how would you possibly be able to experience permanent unlimited disinterest?

Ask yourself: Have I become a Rishi? As well as having disinterest, those who have such faith in the intellect would also maintain the happiness of having all rights. Therefore, in order to become a Raj Rishi you should be able to experience the intoxication of a kingdom and scenes of unlimited disinterest simultaneously. You should be able to see the land of angels (Parishthan) in front of you to the extent that you experience the world to be a graveyard (kabristhan). Through your renunciation, you would also be able to see your fortune clearly in front of you. The stage of a perfect Raj Rishi, that is, the intoxication and goal, would be very clear. The goal means the perfect stage. The goal of those who have such intoxication would be as close as when a physical object is clearly visible with the physical eyes. When you can see it in front of you, there won’t be questions such as: Does this object exist? What is it? What is it like? etc. In this way, because you will be able to see the perfect stage in front of you, the questions of whether you will become something or not, or what the perfect stage is, will finish. You will very clearly be able to see signs in yourself of the perfect stage. Do you know what those signs would be? Are you able to experience them?

The first sign is that there won’t be any attachment, either in your thoughts or your dreams, to any person or object of the old world. You will constantly consider yourself to have stepped away from the iron-aged world and to be confluence aged. You will see impure souls of the entire world with the vision of mercy and benevolence. You will constantly experience yourself to be a server, the same as the Father. You will constantly experience yourself to be victorious in every situation and test. You will perform every deed considering the right to victory to be your birthright. You will constantly experience yourself to be seated on the trimurti throne. Because of being an embodiment of trikaldarshi awareness, one who knows the three aspects of time of every deed, you make every deed an elevated deed, a pure deed. You will experience your account of sin to be finished. You will constantly experience every task and every thought to be already accomplished. You will experience yourself to be beyond old sanskars and nature. You will constantly experience yourself to be set on the seat of a detached observer. These are the signs and also the goal. Such a soul is called a Raj Rishi. Have you become such a Raj Rishi? You have received the title of a Raj Rishi, have you not? You are in a. practical form of the title that you have, are you not?

To be a Brahmin means that your speaking and doing, your thinking and speaking, your listening and putting into practice would be the same. All of you are Brahmins, are you not? Are you able to stabilise yourself in whatever stage you want in a second! Have you become ever ready to this extent? You experience the practice of being bodiless as easily and naturally as you experience coming into the body. You are the spiritual military, are you not? The military are those who put every order into practice in a second. If you were to receive an order to become bodiless now, would you be ever ready or do you still have to make yourself ready! If the military were to take time in getting ready, would they experience victory? Now, practise being constantly ever ready. Achcha.

To the most elevated Brahmins of the confluence age who maintain the intoxication of having all rights, to those who maintain the intoxication of the kingdom of the world, to such elevated souls, BapDada’s love, remembrance and namaste.




Blessing: May you be a master ocean of forgiveness and give teachings through your form of forgiveness.

If any soul tries to shake you off your stage, if that soul has an attitude of harming you, use your attitude of benevolence to transform and forgive that soul. If you are unable to transform them, become a master ocean of forgiveness and forgive them. Your forgiveness will become a form of teaching for that soul. Nowadays, when you give teachings, some will understand whereas others will not. However, to forgive means to give the blessings and co-operation of your good wishes.

Slogan: Only those who remain constantly happy are loved by the self and everyone else.




Avyakt Murli 21-10-2012

Imbibe complete purity through the foundation of accurate faith

Today, BapDada was seeing the new children from everywhere in this land and abroad. Whether they have come to Madhuban in their corporeal forms, or whether they have come from their service places in their angelic forms, while seeing the new ones, BapDada was seeing the faith of them all because faith is the foundation of perfection in this Brahmin life. If the foundation is strong, it is guaranteed that you will easily and quickly reach your stage of perfection. So, BapDada was seeing that children have a variety of faith. Accurate faith is: I now belong to the Father, the Supreme Soul, and I recognise, accept and move along considering myself to be a soul and I know the Father as He is. This is accurate faith.

The second faith is to experience peace from being peaceless for a short time through yoga, and the powerful and peaceful atmosphere of the place also attracts you for a short time. Or, there is the influence of the Brahmin family, the spiritual love of the Brahmin family and the life of purity. You enjoy the company, because, in contrast to the atmosphere of the world, you like this company and you feel that the knowledge is good, the family is good and the atmosphere is also good and you therefore continue to move along on the basis of the foundation of enjoying all of this. This is the second number. You were told that the first number is to have accurate faith and that the second number is to like all of this. The third number is based on the extent to which you protect yourself from the sorrowful atmosphere of worldly relations and spend that much time at the centre; to that extent you remove yourself from sorrow and experience peace. You would not go into the depths of knowledge, but, because of the attainment of peace, you sometimes go to a centre and sometimes you don’t. However, an intellect that has accurate faith is victorious. It has been seen that, at the beginning, when you first come, you are distressed by peacelessness and desire peace. It is just as when thirsty people receive even one drop of water, they experience that to be something great; so that is receiving attainment from no attainment. There is a visible difference within their family, in knowledge, in yoga and in the atmosphere. So, at first, they move along with great zeal and enthusiasm and they have a lot of intoxication and happiness. However, if the foundation of accurate faith of the first number is not strong, if they have the second or third type of faith, then the happiness and energy of the initial period gradually changes.

This season, many new ones have come and it is good that you have been given this chance. BapDada is also happy to see the new children, that they have once again reached their own family. However, check if the foundation of your faith is strong: Is my faith number one faith or number two faith? If you have number one faith, then, as you progress, you should not find it difficult to imbibe the main subject of purity. If purity makes you fluctuate even in your dreams, if it causes fluctuation, you can understand that your foundation of the number one faith is weak because the original religion of souls is purity. Impurity is an external religion and purity is your original religion. So, when you have the faith of your original religion, no other external religion can shake you. Many children say that, previously, many good students used to come and that they now don’t know what has happened. So, what happens is that you do not experience the Father as He is and what He is. If you were asked if the Father is with you, all of you would raise your hands. It is very easy to raise your hands. However, if the Father is with you, what is the first praise of the Father that you sing? That He is the Almighty Authority. Do you accept this? Or, do you just know it? So, since the Almighty Authority Father is with you, can any impurity come in front of the Almighty Authority? It cannot come, but it does come. So, where does it come from? Is there any other place? Thieves have their special gates; they have their secret gates. So, do you have a secret gate hidden somewhere? Check this. Otherwise, where did Maya come from? Does she come from up above? If she comes from up above, she should be finished up above. Some would come from a hidden gate which you are not aware of; therefore, check that Maya has not created a secret gate somewhere. Do you know how she makes these gates! Maya would make whatever particular sanskars or nature you are weak in her gate. When any nature or sanskar is weak, no matter how much you try to close that gate, the gate is still weak and Maya is janijananhar (one who knows everything), and she is aware that that particular gate is weak and that she can find a way through there; so she does find her way in. Whilst moving along, you have thoughts of impurity. You even speak such words and perform such deeds. So, a gate is open somewhere and this is why Maya comes. So, what kind of company is this? You say that the Almighty Authority is with you; so where did this weakness come from? Can any weakness remain? It cannot. So, why does it remain? If there is any vice in terms of purity, for instance, greed, then greed doesn’t just exist in terms of food and drink. Many people think that they are not attracted to clothes, food or the place they are living in and that they are happy with whatever they receive or whatever is made for them. However, as they move forward, Maya brings greed in a royal or subtle form. What is that royal form of greed? Whether one is a student or a teacher, Maya makes full effort to bring some royal form of greed in both. For instance, some may be students who have very good faith in the intellect; they are serviceable souls and are good at everything but as they move forward, they have greed in the royal form. They think: Even after doing so much, and being a helper in every way, with my body, mind and wealth and being present on service at whatever time one is needed, even then, the teacher never mentions my name to say that this student is very good. If they don’t have this thought, what is the other form? OK., they have got a name for themselves. Then, whilst hearing their name, that „I am something, only I am doing this, only I can do this”, they develop arrogance. You worked very hard and yet no one even asked about you or even gave you a glass of water; no one even looked at you, but they just remained busy in their own rest or their own work. There is then the feeling that you do everything and yet no one even asks about you. You feel, „Why should I do anything? To do something or not to do something; it is the same thing. No one is going to ask me anything about it anyway, so it is better to sit at home comfortably. I will do service when someone asks me.” So, there is a variety of the royal form of vices. Even if one form of vice comes – it may not be greed – if there is arrogance, or if you even have the consciousness or thought that others should accept you, then, when there is one vice, its other four companions would also be hidden there in some form. Then, when you give a chance to one of them, the other four hidden vices will also seek their chance according to the time. Then, some say that they don’t have the intoxication that they initially used to experience. Previously, they had very good intoxication and they had a very good stage, but they don’t know what has happened now. Maya, the thief, has entered through the gate. You are aware of this; so don’t say that you don’t know what happened!

Even teachers experience this. What do the teachers want? That their centre should be good. It doesn’t matter what their clothes are like, but at least their centre should be a comfortable place to live in, that they should have good companions and good students and a good bhandari for Baba. If one of their good students changes, then their hearts start to beat faster. Then they feel, „What can I do now? He was a good helper, but he has now gone away.” Was your helper the student or the Father? Who is visible at that time? The student or the Father? So, this royal form of Maya tries to shake your foundation. If you have the faith that the Almighty Authority is with you, then He will make someone or other an instrument to help you. Do not have the desire that you should be given an opportunity: „Let me at least attend a conference in Abu once or let me attend any other major conference. O K. if nothing else, let me do this yoga camp. I should have this chance. O K. I may not give a lecture, but I should at least come onto the stage. Destruction will also take place, so will I not get a chance (number) to do this until destruction? I should at least have this chance.” However, BapDada has told you earlier too: If you are worthy and you are given this chance, then do it with happiness, but even to have this thought is to ask for something. Constantly to think of wanting something is also a royal form of begging: „This should happen…. It is because they do not recognise us. Even the Dadis and Didis do not recognise everyone; they only put forward those who come to the front.” Even to have this thought is a subtle way of begging. BapDada has told you that if you come onto the stage because of any speciality, you may not have that yoga, your stage may not be so good, but it is because you have a speciality of speaking or catching power that your name is therefore glorified. Some are very sweet in their way of speaking. They speak with great clarity and have good catching power. They collect examples from here and there and relate these to others and their names are therefore glorified. If you are asked, „Whom do you want?”, you would say, „I want so-and-so.” „Who should come?” „So-and-so should come.” even if that one is weak in yoga. The final result is not based on this. The final result will not be based on the fact of how many lectures you have given or how many students or centres you have created but on how many you have made worthy. It is not a big thing to create a centre but how many souls have you made worthy? O K. you have earned a name for being a „centre-in-charge” of thirty centres. However, if out of the thirty, fifteen are fluctuating and fifteen are O K., is there benefit in that or is that just having a name glorified? You have then just earned the name of being so-and-so who has thirty centres. However, you will not get a number based on that. The final number will be based on how many you gave happiness to and how powerful you remained yourself. Therefore, also finish this type of wanting. Otherwise, you will not be able to have yoga. Every day, you will be watching and thinking, that this happened at such a place, but that you were not called. „It happened the day before yesterday, it happened here yesterday, it happened there today.” So, will you be able to have yoga or will you be counting?

So, the main thing is to make your accurate faith strong. In words, you say that you are a soul and that the Father is the Almighty Authority, but this should be visible in your practical actions. If the Father is the Almighty Authority and you are being shaken by Maya, who would believe that your Father is the Almighty Authority? There is no one higher than Him. So, today, BapDada is seeing the foundation of faith. Whether you are new or old, put this foundation of faith into practice and use it at the right time. After the time has passed for you to use it, you come to the Father with repentance: „What can I do Baba? It just happened! You are the merciful One. Have mercy on me!” So, what is this? This is also a royal form of repentance. If Baba is with you, then no one would have the courage. To have faith in the intellect means to be victorious. If something does come up, do not let your mind fluctuate. Do not let your stage fluctuate. Even if something comes, finish it from a distance instantly. Do not become warriors now. Many are not constant yogis at present. They are yogis for some time and they are warriors at other times, those who are battling. So, what do you call yourselves: warriors or yogis? You call yourselves easy yogis. All these new ones have come; BapDada is once again congratulating them on their having attained this fortune. However, together with congratulations, you also have to check whether your foundation is number one or number two.

Many say that they like knowledge and yoga a lot, that it is very good. That is OK. However, do you use the knowledge in your actions? Knowledge means soul, Supreme Soul and the drama, not just in words, knowledge means understanding. A sensible person becomes successful in everything by using his sense according to the time. When you experience a moment of sorrow in your life, what do you think? You would say: I don’t know why I was not able to understand this. So, are you sensible? Are you knowledgeable? Say yes or no! (Ha ji.) You say „Yes” very well! A sign of being sensible is that you are never deceived. This is the sign of a knowledgeable soul, and the sign of a yogi soul is constantly to have a clean and clear intellect. It should be clean and also be clear. A yogi would never say, „I don’t know, I don’t know.” His intellect would always remain clear. The sign of being an embodiment of dharna is that you are constantly double light. No matter how big a responsibility you have, you are constantly an embodiment of dharna and you constantly remain double light: being double light even if there is a fair (mela) or a circus (jamela, chaotic and disorganised). The sign of a serviceable soul is constantly to be a humble instrument. So, check all these within yourself. All of you say that you are Godly students in all four subjects. Therefore, signs should be visible.

So, what will the new ones do? You have to make your faith even more strong, otherwise you will move along for two or three years and then return to the old world. Those who return to the old world cannot settle themselves there either; they neither belong to this world nor to that world. Therefore, make your foundation very strong. Experience the Almighty Authority Father to be with you. Even if you have experienced this one thing, you will pass in everything. People have the intoxication of being in the company of an ordinary Prime Minister or a Minister, but this one is the Almighty Authority! Achcha.

To the elevated most fortunate souls in all directions who constantly make the Bestower of Fortune belong to them, to the worthy children who constantly listen to BapDada’s shrimat and put it into practice, to all those obedient children who constantly remain unshakeable in service, become free from any chaos and who celebrate a meeting with God, BapDada’s love, remembrance and namaste.

Blessing: May you be a yogi soul who experiments with all your treasures and thereby increases them.

BapDada has given you children all the treasures to experiment with. To the extent that you experiment with them – the sign of experimenting is progress. If there is no progress, it means there is no experimentation. Yoga means to experiment with it. Do not be careless and waste whatever valuable property in terms of the body, mind, wealth and things you have received from the Father, but use it and multiply it ten times. Become one who brings greater glorification through less expense. This is a sign of a yogi soul who experiments.

Slogan: To renounce sinful actions and vices is real renunciation.



The achievement of success (siddhi) through solitude, stability and determined thought.

Today, BapDada is selecting special souls from this gathering for a particular task. Do you understand for which task He is selecting them? Today, BapDada went on a tour of the world. Firstly, Baba went to see the service abroad being carried out by the foreign children and the children who had been converted into other religions. He went to see the centres and the serviceable children in whose minds there is just the one determined thought of revelation, day and night. Such serviceable children are tirelessly engaged day and night in working hard with deep love. On seeing the children, BapDada was very happy. BapDada saw the enthusiasm of their love for the Father on the faces and in the characters of the new children. He saw their desperation to meet the Father and how, like moths, they take a high jump to the Father. It was a very beautiful bouquet and the variety of flowers looked very beautiful. Baba also saw a variety of buds and leaves. Baba also saw many souls who had sweet complaints. Baba also saw many souls garlanding Baba with pearls of their tears of the happiness of meeting Baba. When Baba went on tour of the foreign lands, He saw the familiar faces of those who were singing songs of meeting Baba.
Secondly, Baba went on a tour of the non-gyani and devotee souls everywhere. What did Baba see in that? On the one hand, many souls were very busy with themselves using one instrument or another for the livelihood of their own bodies and in attaining the facilities for life. As well as this, some souls were busy refining the instruments for destruction. On the other side, some householders and devotee souls were busy in their own tasks of attaining the fruit of their love and devotion through mantras or of having some practical, instant attainment for a temporary period. Out of all these, especially in Bharat and, in certain cases, the foreign lands, souls were especially invoking goddesses with the desire of achieving success. The majority were particularly engrossed in achieving success. In order to achieve success, they were even ready to surrender themselves. They especially do two things in the method to achieve their success. In order for any type of success to be achieved, solitude and stability are needed. Through their application of both these things, they achieve success.

So, today, BapDada was selecting the children who were embodiments of success. The memorial images of those children are even today enabling many souls to attain many types of success. The scene at that time of attaining success is worth seeing. Just as you people experience supersensuous joy through remembrance, in the same way, the temporary happiness that the devotees experience on achieving their success is no less. After having toured in this way, in what form did Baba see the corporeal children?

The goddesses from whom devotees achieve success are still having the thought of achieving success themselves. Why is this? While moving along, they definitely have the thought: Even after making all this effort, why isn’t there any success? According to the time, why is the revelation of the perfect stage still so little? The Father is also asking: Why? What main aspect do you need to adopt from the form of one who is an embodiment of success? The previous cycle’s memorial of the Pandavas is that the Ganges emerged wherever the arrow they shot landed, that is, the impossible became possible in one second. They were able to see the practical fruit. This is known as success. This does not happen because you do not have the awareness emerged every second of your perfect form of being full of all powers. „I am an effort-maker. I will become complete and perfect. It definitely will happen and it will happen numberwise. My duty is to make effort and I am doing that according to my capacity.” These seeds, the thoughts of every second, are not filled with all powers. By thinking that it will happen anyway, your thoughts of the present are filled with thoughts of the future. You do not have the power of the sweetness of determined faith or the practical fruit, and so success is not visible either. However, you have some attainment after two seconds or after an hour or after a few days. So, do you understand the reason for this? Because of your seed thought, you do not have the success of instant attainment. You have many types of ordinary thought. You know that something is going to happen according to the time, but that all preparations are not yet made. As yet, even the numbers at the front are not ready. Finally, there will only be eight who pass. Such ordinary thoughts of knowledge of the future make the seed weak. You then, without thinking, use those same thoughts of the future which you should not use at that time. Because of this, the instant fruit becomes transformed into fruit of the future.
So, in order to attain instant fruit, make the seed thought powerful with the water of determined faith: This is already accomplished. It definitely will happen. Only then will you become an embodiment of instant success. You have been told of the two special aspects which are needed to achieve success as in your memorial images: solitude and stability. Adopt this method in a practical way, exactly as you did a cycle ago. Because you lack stability, you lack determined faith. Because of your not being in solitude sufficiently, ordinary thoughts make the seed weak. Therefore, become embodiments of success through this method. You are the ones whom Baba saw whilst on tour, are you not? So, now, make the form of your remembrance the same as the memorial form. Devotees ask for success from the memorial of the Pandavas.

To such souls who are embodiments of success and who enable many souls to attain success, to the master bestowers of fortune and blessings, to those who are embodiments of all attainments and who, through their every thought, fulfil the desires of many, to such elevated souls, including the souls in the foreign lands, BapDada’s love, remembrance and namaste.

In order to serve in a broad and unlimited way, make your intellect broad and unlimited.

Do all of you consider yourselves to be those who understand the method and the law given by the Father who is the Lawmaker? Those who know the method and the law are embodiments of success in their every thought and deed. Do you experience yourselves to be like this? To be an embodiment of success means to be an emperor of the land that is free from sorrow. Before attaining the fortune of the kingdom of the future, you are a carefree emperor at the present time. That is, there would be no trace of sorrow even in your thoughts, because you have left the land of sorrow and are, at present, at the confluence age. Do you consider yourselves to be the confluence-aged emperors of the land that is free from sorrow? To be an emperor of the land that is free from sorrow means to be a master of all the treasures of happiness. The treasures of happiness are the birthright of Brahmins. It is because of this right that the name and form of elevated souls are respected today. Are you such living forms of emperors of the land free from sorrow that the sorrow of many souls is removed for a temporary period by their taking your name, that, on seeing your images, people remember your divine activity; that the souls who are experiencing sorrow begin to experience happiness?

Do you know your treasures? While keeping all the treasures in your awareness, constantly remain cheerful, that is, constantly remain beyond the attraction of the elements and the five vices. Together with these treasures of happiness, do you experience your complete and perfect form of belonging to the one Father and none other? You know how to keep the key to the treasures with yourself carefully, do you not? You don’t lose the key, do you? Are you able to hear the subtle call of time and of all the souls according to the time? Or, do you constantly remain busy with your own self? All your devotee souls of the previous cycle are invoking you, their special deities. They are chanting, „Come! come!” While enhancing their invocation with beautiful music, that is, while playing a lot of musical instruments, they call out very loudly. They adopt many different means to make all of you happy. While listening to them in the living form in an incognito way and whilst seeing them, do you not have mercy for them? Or, are you still busy having mercy for your own self? Only by stabilising yourself in the form of a world benefactor, a great donor and a bestower of blessings will you be able to feel mercy. You will only have mercy when you experience yourself to be a form of a world mother or world father. You would then not be able to tolerate the sorrow or wandering of any soul. However, you remain stable in that form for a very short period. According to the time, the form of service has to be vast and unlimited. What is the unlimited form of service? Would you call what you are doing at present unlimited? That you had an unlimited mela? In comparison to the early days, you may call it unlimited, but what is the final unlimited form?

According to the speed of time in just the task of giving the message, to what percentage have you given the message? Are you able to see the 900,000 subjects of the beginning of the golden age in front of you? The subjects of the beginning would also have some specialities, would they not? Are souls with such specialities visible at all the centres, or are they still behind a veil? Are you able to see the rosary of 16,000? Have the teachers prepared the rosary of 16,000? What is the date for removing the veil? Of course, it has to happen according to the time, but do not become careless by thinking in this way. Now create unlimited plans. Unlimited plans means, that whomever you serve, that soul should become instrumental to serve many others. Each soul should become an instrument to serve an unlimited number of souls. At present, each of you is giving time to another individually. Now, serve souls who themselves become instruments to serve many others. Let there be service through their names. Many souls, on the basis of their relations, connections and service, are very well known, that is, others have an impression of their virtues and activities in advance. It is not just a question of someone being wealthy or just a question of position, but many ordinary souls, on the basis of their virtues and their service, are very well known in their own field. Whether they are politicians or religious leaders, they should be influential. You should select souls who would become instruments to serve others on your behalf. Such quality service now remains to be done.

Souls become well known by their names in two ways. One is because of their having a seat of position of importance; secondly, they become well known because of their qualities and activities. Those whose names are glorified on the basis of their seat (position) are only able to create an impression for a temporary period, whereas an impression created by souls who are well known because of their qualities and activities is for all time. Therefore, let such well known souls emerge to become instruments for spiritual service, then you will be able to do unlimited service in a short time. This is known as fast speed of service, so that many are able to be shot by just one arrow. When such souls come, many other souls automatically come. So, now, let service take on such a form. Souls who become instruments for such service will not become regular Godly students like you; their relationship and connection with you would be close and loving. You have to have a broad and unlimited intellect so that, according to their desires, and while they consider it to be a method for their attainment, you make them instruments to serve many others through their own experience. In order to do this type of unlimited service, you need to have the power of discernment. Therefore, now have such a broad and unlimited intellect and let service take on an unlimited form. We shall now see which worthy children give the proof of doing such unlimited service. Those who become instruments to do such service claim a right to a royal status. We shall know from the results which zone will claim number one. Achcha.
To such serviceable souls who have broad and unlimited intellects, to those who serve many others even through their thoughts, to such tireless servers, the same as the Father, to the worthy children who give the proof, BapDada’s love, remembrance and namaste.

Personal meetings: The sign of Shaktis who are conquerors of Maya and nature.
Do the Shaktis remain stable in their nature of being the embodiments of power, constantly decorated with all ornaments, constantly fearless, those who destroy all devilish sanskars and who become conquerors of Maya and nature? In the memorial images of the Shaktis, the symbol of a conqueror of Maya is a weapon and a crown (halo) of light, and the symbol of a conqueror of nature is the lion being ridden. These animals and birds are symbols of nature. The elements of nature cannot create fear in someone who is an embodiment of power. To ride nature means to have a right. Even nature becomes that one’s servant, that is, nature is respecting that soul. Are you constantly victorious in this way? The sign of being constantly wed is a tilak. Those who are constantly with the Father have a tilak of victory constantly on their forehead. To stay in your awareness means to have a tilak. You should always have the awareness: I am one who is victorious every cycle, not just at the present time. Previously, you were unconscious, that is, you were not aware of your own self. Since you didn’t know who you were, you were unconscious, were you not? You have now become conscious. One who is conscious can never forget the Father. Constantly remember that you are always victorious. Achcha.

Blessing: May you transform yourself and be loved by everyone by recognising the time and the environment.

Those who have the power of transformation are loved by everyone. They are easy in their thoughts and ideas. They have the power to mould themselves. They never say: Why were my ideas, my plans and my service not accepted when they were so good? To have that consciousness of „mine” means to have alloy mixed in you and this is why you have to recognise the time and the environment and bring about transformation in yourself. You will then be loved by everyone and become a number one victorious soul. Slogan: Become one who finishes problems, not an embodiment of problems.

* * * O M SHANTI***



Madhuban Avyakt BapDada


Om Shanti

To stabilise in your self-respect is the key to happiness and all treasures.

Today’s gathering is of those who stabilise themselves in their self-respect, of those who look at all others with feelings of the original self (swa bhavna) and of those who have good wishes for each and every soul.

Do you constantly and easily have these three stages: self-respect for your own self, feelings of the original self (swa bhavna) for others and constantly good wishes for others? You already know the difference between being able to stabilise yourself easily in this stage and doing it with effort. At present, this stage should be constantly easy and natural. Check yourself as to why you are not constantly and naturally able to have this stage. The main reason is that you do not remain stable in self-respect. If you inculcate the word ‚respect’ into your practical life, you can easily attain perfection. By stabilising in your self-respect, you will be able to have feelings of the original self (swa bhavna) and good wishes for everyone. To stabilise in your self-respect is the first lesson.

To stabilise in one’s self-respect is the means to solve the puzzle of life. From the beginning up to now, you have been engaged in solving the puzzle of, „Who am I?” In the beginning, when the task of establishment began, what did you tell everyone? Who am I ? You had this so firmly in your awareness that everyone was aware that all of you had just the one lesson very firm and that was: What am I? That same lesson is still continuing today and this is why it is called a puzzle. Such a small puzzle has defeated the highest-on-high Brahmins. It has them puzzled, that is, they haven’t been able to solve it fully. If, instead of self-respect, you have a vision of body consciousness or arrogance towards others, what would you call that? Have you solved this puzzle, or are you still in the process of solving it?

The entire knowledge is merged in the answer to the question, ‚Who am I?’ This one term is the key to all the treasures of happiness, the treasures of all powers, the treasures of the wealth of knowledge and the treasures of breath and time. You have received the key, have you not? The day that each of you Brahmins is born, you receive a birthday gift, do you not? So, constantly continue to use the birthday gift that you have received from the Father, and you will be able to become full of all treasures for all time. What is the sound of enthusiasm and happiness that constantly emerges from the heart of a soul who is full of all treasures? What is the sound that emerges, not from the mouth, but from the heart? It was also the sound that emerged from Brahma Baba’s heart in the beginning. What was that? It is „The wonder of myself!” (Wall re me!) Just as you sing songs of the wonder of others, in the same way, you sing about your own wonder. These are words of self-respect, not words of body consciousness.

You either don’t know how to use the key of ‚Who am I?’ or you don’t know how to look after it, and this is why’you are not able to remember it at a time of need. Maya is still constantly hovering around you to steal this key from you, waiting for you to doze off in carelessness for even a second so that she can steal the key from you. Just as nowadays robbers make someone unconscious, in the same way, Maya also makes you unconscious by making you lose your awareness of self-respect. Therefore, constantly stay in the awareness of your self-respect. At amrit vela, revise this lesson of ‚Who am I?’ for your own self. Use this key from amrit vela. Repeatedly look at all the different treasures that Baba has spoken of and see what you have received, and, according to that time, use all these treasures in your life. Do not just create a bank balance, but also put then into use and your stage will then easily become according to your awareness.

In the scriptures that are memorials of the previous cycle, it is written for the Father: Who am I? It is written that He is the most elevated of all. As is the praise of the Father God: the Highest on High, so too, what praise does God, the Father, sing? The children are the highest on high. Constantly remember your elevated self-respect of being the children and the masters of the highest-on-high Father. The Father Himself turns the beads of the rosary of you elevated souls. Other souls sing praise of the Father, but the Father Himself sings praise of you elevated souls. Without the co-operation of you most elevated souls, even the Father cannot do anything.

You are souls with such elevated self-respect. You are the elevated souls who will reveal the Father through all relationships and who also give the Father’s introduction to others. You are the ones who play the highest-on-high parts with the highest-on-high Father every cycle. The greatest self-respect is that, at the confluence age, you souls tie the Father with the string of your love and relationships. You are the ones who make the Father become corporeal the same as yourselves. The Father makes you the same as He is in the incorporeal form, whereas you make the Incorporeal the same as you in the corporeal form, and you become the same as the Father in all His praise. This is why even the Father says: You are the masters. So, do you now understand who you are? „Whatever I am, however I am”; by knowing yourself according to that, you will constantly be able to maintain your self-respect and automatically go beyond body consciousness. Body consciousness cannot come where there is self-respect. So, always keep your birthday gift with you and look after it very well. Do not forget it due to carelessness. Through this, you will naturally, easily and constantly have feelings of the original self (swa bhavna) and good wishes for everyone. Do you understand? It is an easy puzzle, is it not? It is easy for those who are sensible and very deep for those who are careless.

All of you are children who are sensible in an unlimited way, are you not? Not just those who are sensible, but those who are sensible in an unlimited way. Achcha.

To such souls who have broad and unlimited intellects in every aspect, to those who have such unlimited intellects that they enable all others to come out of all limitations, to those who are sensible in an unlimited way and have an attitude of unlimited disinterest, to the most elevated souls who constantly have an elevated stage and are always in the unlimited place, love, remembrance and namaste from the unlimited Father.

Avyakt BapDada meeting teachers personally:

An angel means one who has no relationship with any other soul except the One Father. Do you remember the intoxication of „the wonder of myself!” (Wah re me!)? Does that day, that sparkle and that intoxication remain in your awareness? Those days of such intoxication were very unique. As soon as you remember the days of such intoxication, you become intoxicated. There was such intoxication and happiness that even the physical feet would be dancing naturally while walking and moving around. You wouldn’t just dance according to a programme’, you would be dancing in your mind, and your body would also be dancing naturally. You can perform this natural dance constantly. The way your eyes look at everything, the way your hands move and the way your feet walk also perform a natural dance of happiness. This is called the dance of angels. Do you constantly dance this natural dance! It is said that the feet of angels can never touch the ground. So, souls who are to become angels also do not put their feet on the ground, that is, they never have the awareness of the body. Just as earth is clay, so this body is also clay, is it not? Therefore, angels do not place their feet on the ground. That means that those who are to become angels do not place their feet on the ground, that is, their intellects are not caught up in the earth, that is, in the body. This is a sign of being an angel. The closer you come to the angelic stage, the more the feet (intellect) will remain above the awareness of the body, of earth. If they do not remain above, but on the ground, then you should understand that there is a burden. Anything that has a burden (weight) cannot remain up above. If there isn’t lightness but a burden, your feet will repeatedly return to the ground-like body and you will not become an angel, that is, you will not be light. The feet of angels automatically remain above the ground; they don’t have to make effort to do that. Of those who are light, it is said: They are always flying through the air; they are not walking but flying. In the same way, angels also fly in their elevated stage. There is such pleasure seeing and performing this natural dance of angels. You maharathi teachers continually perform this natural dance of angels, do you not? (Shiv Baba asked the teachers sitting directly in front of Him and someone replied: Baba, cut off Maya’s arms!) If Baba were to cut off Maya’s arms, then the One who cuts them off would get the reward of it. The Father can do anything; it is just an order of a second. However, how would the future of those who want to create their future be created? Should Baba do it for everyone or just for you? In that case, it would become like where there are many who nowadays accept bribes; this would also come in that list. This is why, in Nepal, they make little children hold a knife when they perform the act; they themselves perform the act through the hands of a child. This much is possible, but the hand of courage definitely has to be used. They do at least this much, do they not? This is a topic for the teachers. For how long do you remain in the angelic stage throughout the day and for how long do you become a human being of the mortal world? Angels are not included in relationships of the divine family; they remain constantly detached. With whom do they have all their relationships? If you make someone else your friend, the relationship of a friend with the Father would be reduced slightly. Whatever relationship you forge with someone else, whether it is of a brother or a sister or any other relationship, then, because it is distributed, that relationship with the One would definitely be reduced. When the heart is in pieces, it is a broken heart. Even the Father doesn’t accept a broken heart.

This is a deep philosophy of relationships. You should have no relationship with anyone except the One; no friend, no brother, no sister, because you would then remember a particular soul in that relationship.

An angel means one who doesn’t have any relationship with other souls. It is easy to have love, but difficult to fulfil the responsibility of that love. The number is not given for whether you have love, but on the basis of how much you fulfil your responsibility. Not everyone knows how to fulfil the responsibility of love; only some know how to do this. The line of those who fulfil the responsibility keeps changing. Although they have one aim, their qualifications become different, and this is why, although they all have love, only some fulfil their responsibility of that love. Even devotees have love, but they don’t fulfil the responsibility of it. Children fulfil their responsibility, but it is numberwise; a few out of multimillions and a handful of that few! If something is lacking in fulfilling the responsibility of even one relationship, or if something is missing even slightly in the relationship – for instance, if you have 75% relationship with the Father and 25% with another soul – then too, you would not come in the list of those who fulfil the responsibility of love. You keep the company of the Father for 75% of the time and you seek the company of someone else for 25% of the time; in that case too, you would not come in the list of those who fulfil the responsibility. To fulfil a responsibility means to do it completely and fully. This is a very deep aspect. Even in your thoughts, there should be no other soul. This is known as fulfilling your responsibility completely and fully. No matter what the situation is: whether of your mind, your body or your relationships and connections, no other soul should enter your thoughts. The very second you even have the awareness of another soul even in your thoughts, an account is created. This is why only eight pass completely. There is the memorial of the special eight. There must definitely be such a deep significance. It is a very difficult paper. Angels are those who don’t have anyone even in their thoughts, not even in any situation or under any compulsion. There should not be anyone in your thoughts for even a second. You can only become an angel when you remain strong even under any type of compulsion. The destination is very high but there is no harm in that. It is easy because you have multimillion-fold attainment.

The attainment you receive from the relationship with the Father may not be in your awareness at that second,because you may forget it, you therefore seek the support of someone else. Is it a small attainment? There is praise of the Father, and not of any other soul, that He is the One who makes everything difficult easy. So, at the time of any difficulty, you should seek the support of the Father, not the support of any soul. However, at that time, you forget that attainment; you become weak. When someone who is drowning finds even a little straw, he takes the support of it. At that time, because of distress, you take the support of any little straw that comes in front of you. However, do you not realise that by doing that you become one with no support?