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Kolejna witryna oparta na WordPressie

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Smruti Diwas Poem Prakash Punj Dadi Prakashmani – 25.08.2013 Wah wah teri jadugiri – 1 min. Dadi & Didi How to become ‚double light’ old picture (1955)  

Now it is the time to go home..

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 The charioteer is the one who drives a chariot – play audio file link Charioteer – the ono who is bodiless, viceless & egoless. Class by Anthony Strano available at If you wish to find it, you may type „Anthony” or/and „Strano” in search window, below the title „Madhuban Jewels”. Anthony Strano who was […]

Class on karma with Anthony Strano

The Hanuman Chalisa animated, taken from the book THE HANUMAN CHALISA by B. G. Sharma (an amazing and gifted illustrator). Music graciously provided by Krishna Das. The Hanuman Chalisa is a 40 verse prayer written by Shree Goswami Tulsidas in the sixteenth century to honor Hanuman for his total devotion to Lord Rama. Video by […]

SCENES OF THE FINAL REVELATION 1. Through you, the ones who reveal the right ways, everyone must definitely receive the message of how to remember the Supreme Soul, the Father. Some will receive it through words, some through pictures, some through the news, some through your powerful vibrations, Some through the final upheaval of destruction, […]