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We live at a time where things are going to extremes and we hear words such as crisis, catastrophe, destruction. However it is also a very creative time where the One Source of Benevolence is creating miracles on the earth. Amongst them is the training of human souls to become angels and serve. Humans who […]

by Denise Lawrence Soul consciousness is derived from experiencing the self as the soul, having understood its definition. I am a point of incorporeal conscient light. The essential elements of my own self are purity, peace, love, power and bliss to the fullest extent. Recognising that the self is this, practicing to be like this, […]

The Flute has often symbolised knowledge and its Player is the Divine Musician, God. In Raja Yoga meditation a very interesting perspective is that God is understood to be an eternally non-physical being, a point of immortal energy. At the end of each cycle of Time, that is, at the end of every Play, the […]

by Denise Lawrence Many people associate the word karma with fear because karma is a generally thought of as something bad. Karma means action. Karma through your mind is thought. What exactly is a thought? Where do thoughts come from? Does a thought enter your mind, or does your mind create a thought? Or does […]

Mike George, offers this insight to the „greatest gift” we can give ourselves and the people in our lives, „The Gift of Peace” Enjoy this wonderful meditation and visual experience while remaining calm and peaceful in today’s world.

BK Jayanti. Where is the soul…experience the self as light, peace, consciousness.

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June 21 was declared as the International Day of Yoga by the United Nations General Assembly on December 11, 2014.Yoga, a 6,000+-year-old physical, mental and spiritual practice having its origin in India, aims to transform the body and the mind. The declaration of this day came after the call for the adoption of 21 June as International Day […]

Dadi Gulzar 23rd October 2013 – Diamond Hall, Shantivan Q. We have heard about Baba’s visions. At the beginning; he saw stars descending from above and adopting a divine form on the Earth. He saw the communication between deities; as if music was playing. He saw that when they walked it was as if they […]