Mansa Seva 2

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I. Sakash The light of Real Sun

II. Keep busy in Powerful Mansa Seva

III. Do you remember to make Matter Satoguni

IV. Fix the time for Mansa Seva

V. Send Powerful Rays

VI. JwalaSwaroop (Volcanic) Yog to remove Obstacles

VII. Man Jith Jagath Jith(Conqueror of Mind Conquers World

VII. Be Master your Mind should not Disturb

IX. Strange Circumstances-Apply Full stop in a second

X. Give Rays of Peace, Happiness, Joy

XI. Cry of Devotees (Give Give) – Are you able to hear

XII. Attention No Tension

XIII. Seasons Expectations From Baapdada


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Points to churn on the above  point regarding Mansa seva

A soul who experiences the unlimited dis interest can Fly away from the Body conscious and all limited boundaries….he is able to serve any corner of the world
yet being detached observer and unaffected and not attracted  by the Pomp of Maya…….As he is aware of the impermanence of this world….. so being in this stage helps us in becoming Angel and then into a Deity and serve the world as Isht Dev (worship worthy)……He is also aware that Baba is Boatman

Volcanic Yoga Bhatti (commentary) – Sister Meera – 04.01.2012

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